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St. Patrick's School

Administration, Faculty, Staff

1999-2000 School Year

Superintendent The Catholic Center
715 Nazareth Street
Raleigh, North Carolina  27606
(919) 821-9749
Rev. John R. Kelly Pastor
Rev. Joseph J. Yaeger Parochial Vicar
Thomas Manion Principal / 6-8 Math
Karen Fitzpatrick Secretary
Linda Sandrock Preschool
Jodie Ottilige Preschool Assist.
Elizabeth Thomschke Kindergarden
Patricia McKeag Kindergarden Assist.
Margaret Trott Grade 1
Kate Canfield Grade 1 Assist.
Christine O'Brien Grade 2
Julie Badger Grade 2 Assist
Karlyn Harrington Grade 3
Beth O'Leary Grade 3 Assist
Susan Lowe Grade 4
Grade 5 / Reading 6
Carolyn Smith Grade 6 Homeroom
5 - 8 English
Barbara Brodsky Grade 7 Homeroom
6 - 8 Science
Christine Hatcher Grade 8 Homeroom
6 - 8 Social Studies
Kathy Doody Music / Religion 7
Mary Zahran Library / Media
Cindy Tenuta Physical Education
Martha Malone Computers
Liviana Casotti-Haynes Art
Adilia Gaines Extended Care
Tiffany Jack Extended Care
Eric Newsom Band

The School Advisory Committee provides guidance in establishing policies for Saint Patrick's School.  It serves as a channel of communication in matters of interest and concern, it supports and encourages the school principle in effectively carrying out the work of administration, and it advises the principle in the areas of finance and recruiting.

Ex-Officio Members

Rev. John R. Kelly Pastor
Thomas Manion Principal
Don Bray Parish Administrator



Reyna Ahrens President
Kate Canfield Vice-President
Johnnie Winters Secretary
Denise Lewis Treasury
Sandi Chauncey Hot Lunch
Ingrid Ayers Hot Lunch
Denise Truelove Public Relations
Maria Arnold Public Relations
Mariluz Bell Fundraising
Sue Selitsch Fundraising


The parent-teacher organization at St. Patrick is called PVO (Parent Voluteer Organization).  This organization works closely with the school to sponsor many activities and fund raising projects throughout the school year.  The primary fund raiser is the Fall Festival and all parents are asked to participate.  Everyone is encouraged to become an active member of this organization.