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St. Patrick's School K-8th Information Sheet

Telephone:  910-323-1865
Fax: 910-323-3006
Hours:  8:05am-3:00pm
St. Patrick's Education Center is located at 1620 Marlborough Road off Village Drive.

Admission Policy:
The school enrolls students in preschool through eighth grade.  St. Patrick's admits students of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students in the school.   The school does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies.

Entrance Requirements:
Present the following forms when applying:  See Early Preschool Program information for entrance requirements into preschool.

Kindergarten (age 5 by Oct. 15th):
Registration/application form
$25.00 application fee (non refundable)
Copies of:  Birth Certificate, Baptismal certificate (if baptized), Immunization record
Physical Examination required by first day of school.

1st (age 6 by Oct. 15th) - 8th Grade:
Registration/application form
$25.00 application fee (non-refundable)
Copies of:  Birth Certificate, Baptismal certificate, Immunization Record, Last year's report card, Last year's testing results.

Students are to be immunized according to North Carolina's regulations.  Physical exams are required for children entering preschool and kindergarten, and are recommended for all others.

Application Fee (for new students only):
A non-refundable $25 per child application fee is due when registering.  This fee will be credited toward the $50 registration fee due at the time a student is accepted at St. Patrick's.

Registration Fee:
A non-refundable $50 per child registration fee is due when accepted.  If your child presently attends St. Patrick's, this assures that room will be reserved for him/her.

Book Fee:
A book fee of $175 per child is due by May 5, 2000, for returning families, and by May 12, 2000, for families new to the school.  Book fee refunds will only be made if a family moves from the Fayetteville area prior to the first day of school.

Selection Process:
By April 16, 2000, applications will be processed according to the following:   priority given to (1) siblings of St. Patrick's students, (2) children of St. Patrick's parishioners, (3) children of other Catholic parishes, and (4) children of other faiths.  Consideration for acceptance will be based on the admission policy and the date of payment of the application fee.  Pre/post dated checks are not accepted.   A waiting list will be comprised of those children who have not been accepted due to lack of classroom space.  For those applications submitted after April 14, 1999, the names will be placed on the bottom of the waiting list in the order received.

Uniforms for boys and girls in grades K-8 are ordered through Flynn & O'Hara.   Order forms can be picked up in the school office.  Measuring day for ordering new uniforms is May 5, 2000, from 8:30-11:00am.  Used uniforms are on sale at the school office.

There are three plans available to pay tuition (see rates below).  Parents must select one of the following plans when registering their child(ren).
1.  ONE payment due JULY 1, 2000.
2.  TWO equal payments due JULY 1, 2000 and DECEMBER 1, 2000.
Note:  for plans one and two, the late payment penalty is $20 and enrollment in F.A.C.T.S. will be required.
3.  A family choosing to pay monthly over a TEN month period (JULY through APRIL) is required to use the F.A.C.T.S. tuition management system.  Tuition payments through F.A.C.T.S. are made automatically from either your checking or savings account.   Families selecting this option must complete the F.A.C.T.S. application at the time their child(ren) is accepted into St. Patrick's school.

A. REDUCED RATE:  St. Patrick's Church is a tithing community whose members are expected to support the Church by practicing responsible stewardship of their time, treasure, and talent.  One component of that support is REGULAR (not less than monthly) monetary contributions using the church envelope system.  To qualify for the reduced tuition benefit afforded St. Patrick's parishioners, a registered family is expected to attend weekly Mass at St. Patrick's and contribute a weekly offering of at least $10 (or $40 monthly) for the six months prior to school registration (3/6/00).   Contributions cannot be paid in a lump sum and cannot be paid retroactively in order to qualify for the reduced rate.  A family's tuition rate will be determined by the Parish office at school registration time and will not change during the year unless a family loses their reduced tuition status.  Those qualifying for the reduced rate will have their status reviewed quarterly.

# of children Monthly Two Payment One Payment
1 child/family $2,354 $2,271 $2,236
2 children/family $4,010 $3,891 $3,832
3 children/family $5,267 $5,113 $5,030
4 children/family $6,101 $5,923 $5,828
5 children/family $6,749 $6,571 $6,476

B.  CATHOLIC RATE:  Those receiving this rate are parishioners at St. Patrick's Church who do not meet the reduced rate qualifications, OR are parishioners at another Catholic church.

# of children Monthly Two Payment One Payment
1 child/family $3,291 $3,196 $3,148
2 children/family $5,113 $4,958 $4,887
3 children/family $6,704 $6,502 $6,407
4 children/family $7,538 $7,313 $7,206
5 children/family $8,186 $7,961 $7,854


# of children Monthly Two Payment One Payment
1 child/family $3,932 $3,813 $3,754
2 children/family $6,075 $5,897 $5,802
3 children/family $8,706 $8,445 $8,314
4 children/family $9,540 $9,255 $9,112
5 children/family $10,188 $9,903 $9,760

Registration Timeline

Pre-registration for students presently enrolled at St. Patrick's School is Feb 22 - Mar 3, 2000.

Registration for NEW Kindergarten students from the parish is Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2000.

Open registration is Mar 6 - Apr 14, 2000.

New families applying for grades 1 - 8 will start receiving acceptance letters by Monday, May 1, 2000.