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Welcome to
St. Patrick's School



The parents and faculty of St. Patrick's School recognize that the purpose of Catholic Education is to make people's faith alive and to realize the profound significance of God's plan for creation.

We strive to continue the development of the student as a complete person who, made in God's image, will live in God's world.  For this purpose, we offer a sound educational program which contributes to the well-rounded development of each student.

We strive to develop, with parental assistance, children who are aware of and concerned for others, as well as for themselves.  We want our students to be capable of assuming a place in the home, Church, and the world community.


St. Patrick School has a racially non-discriminatory policy admitting students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities available to students enrolled.  Children of all faiths are welcome; however, priority is given to children of parishioners of St. Patrick and other Catholic children.

Open Enrollment:   March - April for the upcoming fall.


St. Patrick School is approved and accredited by the North Carolina State Department of Education.  All full-time teachers are required to hold a valid North Carolina teaching certification or be able to be certified.  All full-time teachers are given opportunities and encouragement to obtain a religious certification from the Diocese of Raleigh.

For School information:  
Office Hours:   Monday - Friday ,
                        8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Telephone:       910-323-1865     
Fax:                 910-323-3006

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