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Up Project 2001 Stewardship Volunteer


St. Patrick's Church
Time and Talent Pledge Sheet

Please complete the form below to volunteer your time and talent to the
church, the body of Christ, and to serve others.  Descriptions of the

areas of service can be found on the Stewardship page.
Please check only items in which you would like to be involved.

Please provide the following contact information:

Street address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code
Work Phone
Home Phone

Select any of the following Liturgy options:

Alter Service		Environment: Art
Environment: Plant   	Hospitality
Eucharist: Mass     	Lector
Eucharist: Homebound 

Select any of the following Music options:

Children Choir  Chamber Choir
Parish Choir    Training Choir
Handbell Choir  Instrumental

Select any of the following Evangelization options:

RCIA: Adult        RCIA: Children
Hispanic Ministry  Re-Membering
Sponsor: Children  Sponsor: Hispanic
RCIA: Hispanic     Committee
Group Facilitator  Sponsor: Adult

Select any of the following Facilitator/Catechist options:

Adult Education        Bible Study
Young Adult Group      Lay Ministry
Small Faith Community

Select any of the following Participant options:

Adult Education          Bible Study
Wed. Evening Catechesis  Lay Ministry Formation
Young Adult Group

Select any of the following Children's Religious Ed options:

Assistant              Catechist
Confirmation Sponsor   Confirmation Team
Youth Event            Retreat Volunteer
TYM  Assistant         TYM Catechist
TYM Service Project    TYM Substitute
Service Projects       Substitute
Reception Coordinator  Reception Server
Chaperone              Youth Mentor

Select any of the following School options:

Art Instruction   Clerical
Science Olympiad  Tutor
Monitor           Office Help

Select any of the following Advisory Group options:

Building/Grounds          Communication
Human Concerns Committee  Pastoral Council
Social Committee          Stewardship Committee
Finance Council           Hospitality Committee

Select any of the following Outreach options:

AIDS Care Team               Scouts
Cursillo                     Fayetteville Urban Ministry
Hospice Team                 Knights of Columbus
Respect Life		       Samaritans
Nazareth House               CARE Clinic
Giving Tree Sorter           Habitat for Humanity
Marriage Encounter           Natural Family Planning
SHARE Program                Catholic Social Ministry

Select any of the following Service options:

Office Volunteer           Drive for those unable
Newsletter Helper          Sacramental Reception
Sign Language Interpreter  Stuffers/Folders
Nursery Worker       	     Babysitting

Select any of the following Talents/ Service options:

Artist                       Auto Repair
Construction                 Cartoonist
Copywriter                   Data Enterer
HVAC Technician              Illustrator
Landscaper                   Lawn Worker
Newsletter Editor/Reporter   Office Admin Assistant
Office Reception             Photographer
Public Relations Assistant   Seamstress                 
Typist                       Word Processor
Calligrapher                 Carpenter
Computer Programmer          Database Management
Electrician                  Graphic Design
Interpreter                  Kitchen Assistant
Masonry Worker               Money Counter
Office Equipment Technician  Painter
Plumber                      Printer 
Sound System Technician      Tax Preparer

Other.... ?

Last revised: June 11, 2000