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Project 2001
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Welcome to Project 2001


The Challenge Before Us

St. Patrick's Church is truly a thriving Catholic Community, alive with the Spirit and presence of God.  For more than 174 years, the size and activities of our parish have grown significantly.  Our physical plant has grown with the swelling number of Catholics who enjoy life here in the city of Fayetteville.  Because we have been blessed with such tremendous growth, a unique challenge lies before us.  A great need for the quality education of our children demands a proactive Christian response from each of us.  An equally important need to build an appropriate house for the Lord exists.

As a parish community we need to come together to build the best school and church we can because we deserve it, and most importantly, because God deserves it.

We have chosen this course of action to meet the following pressing issues:

the need for curricula enhancement;

a shortage of accommodations for adult-meeting space;

a 1963 promise to build a permanent, beautiful worship space;

a social hall which accommodates parish size and facility needs.

The Plan

Phase I (completed in Fall 1999)
To build the new wing on the foundation of the education center, which has been in place since the original construction of the center.  This will allow us to provide adequate space for student classrooms so as to enhance our curriculum.  In addition, we will build a large meeting center which can be divided into four smaller rooms.

Phase II
Build a permanent House of Worship which will provide an appropriate environment to celebrate the Eucharist.  This will allow the current church, which was designed to be temporary, to be converted into the parish social hall / multipurpose building it was meant to be.

Our Response

This dream which we have shared for many years will address and meet the many needs of our unique community.  By coming together, our dream for a new school expansion and new church will come to fruition!   The projected cost for this work is between 5 - 6 million dollars.  Our goal is to raise 5 million dollars, and borrow the difference to complete our work.  We will raise this money in two phases; Phase I for the education wing and Phase II for the new church and the social hall conversion.  Now we need to come together and act as one community, individually making the best gift possible within our financial means.   Because we have done our best to be good stewards, it is now the time to move ahead with conviction as we make the best gift we can with foresight and most of all with faith.

Our Parish Family

All of us are members of families - mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters - with varying responsibilities according to our role.   The same is true here at St. Patrick's; we are all members of a much larger family - our community of faith.  Each of us has a responsibility to fulfill according to his or her ability.  During "St. Patrick's 2001 Project," we turn to each of you and ask that you assume your share in making a commitment in this endeavor.

You know what the plans are and that they will be a direct benefit to all of us as well as to the future members of our Parish Family.  It is truly a wise decision for us to plan for the future now, and we pray that everyone will support and sacrifice in a continued demonstration of our unity and our faith.

What's in it for you?

The knowledge that Almighty God has rewarded and will continue to reward you in many different ways for extending his Kingdom on earth.
The satisfaction that you have been a good steward by wisely investing what the Lord has given you.
The pride of knowing that you are helping your parish minister to the People of God now and for generations to come.

Pledge Information and Plans. . .
Please contact Jennifer Kerr, 910-323-2410 x 119, or
John Pasztor, 910-868-1853, for more information.

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